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Meeting each other at the coffee shop was a chance for us to chat. A break is an often sudden piece of luck, especially good luck: The aspiring actor got his first big break in Hollywood.

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I remember the occasion very well. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of working with Paul. They must regard it as an opportunity for a genuine new start. I suppose you had no opportunity to bring it.

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There was a possibility that they had taken the wrong road. You will have the opportunity to study several different subjects in your first year. Switch to new thesaurus. I was given an opportunity to bathe and shower.


I had the opportunity to go abroad and study. Proverbs "When the cat's away, the mice will play" "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" "When one door shuts, another door opens" "Strike while the iron is hot" "There is no time like the present" "He who hesitates is lost". A favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances: A friend at court access to classified information advantage affirmative action afford allow allow for Arkansas audience Bethune brass ring break by chance capital cost capital of Arkansas carrying charge carrying cost chance civil right.

It also announced that it was considering standing electorate candidates. The party announced that then party chief of staff Geoff Simmons would contest the Mount Albert by-election on 25 February The party was registered by the electoral commission on 6 March Both candidates attributed their low list rankings to their having raised questions over Morgan's controversial remarks during the election campaign. On 9 July , Morgan announced that the Board of The Opportunities Party had decided to cancel the party's registration since the party lacked the time and resources to contest the general election.

Morgan also indicated in a Facebook post that he was willing to fund candidates and leaders sympathetic to the goals of The Opportunities Party.

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The party's registered logo is the letters, T, O, and P in black, red, and dark blue. The party applied to register this with the Electoral Commission in April [38] and it was approved in May In a November blog post, Gareth Morgan noted it had won the Morgan Foundation's flag competition in and that it symbolised "the transition we currently have underway in Aotearoa". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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